Laboratory&Tech LLC

At Laboratory & Tech we strive to provide the latest technology and scientific trends for use in all areas of all types of industry. One of the strengths that mostly stands out in the middle is personalized attention in sales and after sales, accompanied by a technical service specialized in time and form.

With us you can find everything you need, as we offer a wide range of products and brands that adapt to all your business needs.

We have a multi-dynamic and efficient service area in several important points of its growth and that will distinguish them from their competition.


We are more than sales, we are your strategic logistics provider in business growth.

Mision vision

Provide them with high quality products, equipment and service that will generate confidence in their results, speed to optimize their time and competitive prices that will maximize their profitability.

Laboratory & Tech, through its strategic suppliers and its collaborators, is preparing to be the number one supplier of the industries in Latin America where quality, technology and service merge.N